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Freshwater Fish for Beginners

So, what would be some good fish to start with in your new freshwater tank?

Goldfish always were the big standard starter fish, but really…. SHOULD NOT be. They produce quite a bit of waste. Make sure to read and learn the projected adult size of the fish you’re interested in. (Some goldfish can get quite large.)

Danios are typically considered a good beginners fish. There are many varieties, Some with fancy fins. Zebra danios have black and silver or gold stripes. Leopard danios are gold or silver with speckles and there are also Gold and Pearl danios that I suppose I would consider albino in comparison to the others. They are a schooling fish and prefer 3-5 of their own kind. (A mix of colors/styles of danio will work.)

Danios are also known to be a hardier fish with varying water temperatures and conditions.

Betta’s can also be a good beginner fish, but please don’t keep them in a cup. I think 2-3 gallons should be sufficient for one betta at a minimum. They prefer water a bit over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So, a small heater might be necessary. (Getting the temperature right could be a challenge though.) I know, they sell bettas in all sorts of things and say the do fine at room temperature. They will be happier a bit above the 68-70 degree room temperature most places keep. And they will be happier with a bit more water to swim in.

Bettas are colorful and can have fancy flowing fins. In part because of this, they don’t like a lot of water disturbance. Relatively calm waters are preferred.

Rainbowfish, Corys and Rasboras or Barbs are also listed as good first fish. Corys can grow to 2 and 1/2 inches and like to school. Rasboras and Barbs are Cyprinids as are Danios.

Another beginner freshwater selection would be dwarf gouramis.

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    January 10, 2009 - 5:28 PM