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Freshwater Aquarium Plants

There is not much that makes an aquarium look GOOD like adding real living aquarium plants. When you look at some of the lush waterscaped aquariums that you can find by searching online images…. it is impressive and looks like such a wonderful environment for your pet fish. I know there are many plastic plants sold and marketed, but I just have to think the fish are going to feel more at home with real greenery. I remember our first tank, years ago… we initially had a fake plant, but really enjoying houseplants I decided that I wanted to try some real plants. It was a disaster. Of course, our first tank was a disaster on many levels (not the least of which was for our poor fish…)

Not only should it make the fish more comfortable and less stressed to see and have real plants in the water, but plants photosynthesize underwater the same as above water. They consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This increases dissolved oxygen in the water and makes it easier for the fish to breath through their gills. Plants give shade for fish that prefer dimmer lighting. Plants also can provide valuable places for fish fry to hide from predators.

Additionally some plants can provide food for some species of fish. For those plants that aren’t directly food for fish, they may provide an environment for smaller organisms that may be food for your fish. Most species of plants also can absorb and consume excess ammonia, nitrites and nitrates from the water…. so you might think of those green leaves as the ultimate end of the nitrogen cycle that started with little sprinkles of fish flakes in the water. If you have a tank with some lighting and are having trouble with excess ammonia, nitrite or nitrates one of my first remedies is to start putting more plants in. That along with water changes can quickly restore the balance of the water parameters.

There is a list of subpages below that talk about specific types of freshwater aquarium plants. These are the plants that I either have firsthand experience with or have researched quite well.

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January 10, 2009 - 9:45 PM