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I first dabbled in fishkeeping about 10 years ago in 1998. It was not a successful attempt and we lost many many fish over the period of a month or two. The truth is we became VERY frustrated and abandoned our tank within a few months relegating it to storage. I was always bothered by this. 1) I don’t like giving up on things and 2) I felt as though the failure was lack of easily accessible information.

At that time, I remember looking for fishkeeping books at the pet store. Today though, there is MUCH more information online than was available then and with a renewed sense of knowing some of the things that went wrong we have dusted off the old tank and cleaned it, set it up and now have fish in it. The tank has cycled now, which we’ve verified with test kits. If you don’t know what it means by “the tank has cycled”, that’s okay. I intend to use this site to help you move from absolute “newbie” with an aquarium to a more seasoned fishkeeper.

Somewhere along the line I’ve seen a forum signature along the lines of this: “are you a fish HAVER or a fish KEEPER, there is a difference.” 10 years ago we HAD fish, unfortunately we didn’t keep them long. Today I expect we are KEEPING fish.

I find it interesting that today with so much concern for the welfare of pets and animals of most every size and shape, fish in many ways are treated like “disposable pets”. That’s something that can be changed with better information. I know, there are more important things in this world than the life of a pet fish, but taking a piece of nature from it’s natural habitat and keeping it in your home is an assumption of responsibility for the wellbeing of that creature.

Thanks for stopping by, good luck and I hope you enjoy the content we will be adding for you.

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January 7, 2009 - 8:50 PM